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      Today's smart shopper is looking for green garden lighting alternatives that are both eco friendly and energy saving. We hope to be the first stop for all of your solar lights and garden decor. We offer a great variety of products including holiday string lights, solar tiki lights, rechargeable batteries, and decorative outdoor led lights. We are also your stop for all solar powered water pumps. All of our solar powered products are top quality and designed to last. Check out our solar lights and garden decor today.

New Products

New Products

Standing Woman Solar Water Pump StatueStanding Woman Solar Water Pump Statue
16-Watt Solar Water Pump Combo with LEDs and Timer16-Watt Solar Water Pump Combo with LEDs and Timer
Copper Deck Cap Fence Post Lights 2 PackCopper Deck Cap Fence Post Lights 2 Pack
Black Deck Cap Fence Post Lights 2 PackBlack Deck Cap Fence Post Lights 2 Pack
Solar Light Ceramic Pot with Leaf PatternSolar Light Ceramic Pot with Leaf Pattern

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-How do Solar Lights work?

   Solar lights consist of three major components: a solar panel, the solar light itself (which is an LED light), and a rechargeable battery. Solar panels are made of a semi-conducting material, often times silicon. When sunlight strikes the panel the light waves get converted into electric current through a process known as the photoelectric effect. The generated electricity is stored in the rechargeable battery throughout the day, and is then used to power the solar LED light at night.

-What are the advantages of Solar Powered Lights?

   Solar powered lights are the safest and the easiest kind of garden lights to install. They require no external wiring. Solar lights have no operating costs. They are the most eco friendly lighting that you can find. Solar outdoor lights are energy saving. You will never have to worry about the LED light burning out. They will pay for themselves with the amount of money saved on external energy costs.

-Where Can I Use Solar Lights?

     Solar powered lights can be placed anywhere accessible to sunlight. Our energy saving garden lights look great in any yard, patio , or garden; but need a full day of sunlight in order to fully charge the rechargeable batteries. Solar garden lights are ideal for any sunlit area because they are easy to install. Solar lights will add a decorative touch to any space, and will save money since they require no external wiring and use only solar power.


Solar Lighting Articles

Solar Lighting Articles

What Are The Benefits of Solar Lights Over Incandescent?Solar powered lights offers many benefits over their incandescent counterparts. Before you go out and buy new garden lights, make sure you've read about solar powered outdoor lights.
What Are The Advantages Of LED Garden Lights?Solar LED lights are more efficient than other forms of garden lights, especially if they are solar powered lights. Solar LED lights do not contain toxic chemicals like flourescent light bulbs do. Several incandescent and flourescent bulbs will be used during the lifetime of a single solar LED light. Solar powered LED lights are an additional benefit in that they are energy saving garden lights. All of our solar garden lights use LEDs.
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